Metamorphys: The Hidden Gem

What do you expect a hair salon to look like? Most people would say white and light colors, everything uniform, minimalistic decor, and a lack individual of personality. Most salons look relatively the same.

When I first was introduced to the Metamorphys Beauty Lounge, I was delightfully surprised to see a completely different kind of space. I felt like I stepped into some kind of fashionable, eclectic, gothic paradise. One of the last places in Ybor City that still has a courtyard out front, Metamorphys is a truly amazing experience.

It all started with Cammie Kappel and her now-fiance, Skip Samson. She was a counter girl for his tattoo shop. At the time she was in hair school and Skip promised her that one day he’d build her a hair salon. Of course, to her it seemed like just a big dream and she didn’t believe him.
“You’re lying!” She’d say.

But eventually, it happened. They got a huge building with Skip’s Tattoo Shop in the front and Cammie’s salon in the back. Okay, I know that sounds odd, but it works! There’s a parking lot and a large black iron gate leading to the back of the building. Once you walk through the gates, I promise you you’ll enter another world. A beautiful brick-floored courtyard with a trellis and a collection of plants and flowers. It reminded me a bit of a gothic ‘Secret Garden’ and the other side of the courtyard is a bar. There’s tables and benches placed throughout the space. The best way I can describe it is that it’s like you’ve been sucked into a scene in a Tim Burton movie and you don’t want to leave.

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Metamorphys’ goal is to make the place to be much more than a salon. They host events and rent their space out to others. The bar becomes very convenient for that reason. Even when no events are going on, Cammie says that anyone is invited to drop by and chill in the courtyard. It’s a cozy place to hang out and just have fun.

When you walk inside it’s just as amazing. Everything was built or handmade by Cammie and Skip. From handmade styling chairs to the galaxy epoxy floors, it’s like a huge comfortable living room. Every stylist’s station has their own personality added to it. I was astounded how much it felt like a home despite the fact that there are no windows inside. I was actually considering covering up my windows after seeing the decor!

On your right when you enter, is a cozy little sitting area and a refreshment station. Metamorphys offers drinks and snacks to everyone to make the experience even more fun. I’ll admit I may have taken a bag of chips or two!

Cammie is definitely a mom-cat. She always wants all of her customers and employees happy. She let’s her staff set their own hours. The opening hours of the salon itself is pretty unorthodox. The first client usually rolls in around 12pm or 1pm and they stay open until the last client leaves which sometimes ends up being 11pm.

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Metamorphys’ clientele is extremely diverse. From Suicide Girls, to soccer moms, to local band members, to drag queens, there’s no need to feel intimidated.

It’s a very casual environment and it just feels like everyone is hanging out. That doesn’t mean that the staff isn’t professional. On the contrary, they’re all extremely talented! Balayage, bright and pastel colors, and amazing cuts. Pretty much any look you want can be done at Metamorphys. Cammie and her staff all have a passion for what they do which is always important in any profession.

Meet the staff:

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I highly recommend anyone to check this place out. Amazing ambiance, fun staff, and cool aesthetic. This little place on East 7th Ave in Ybor is definitely a hidden gem worth discovering! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll catch a glimpse of a gothic faerie flying around sprinkling hair styling magic on your hair.

Check out their website here.

Take a look at everyone’s Instagram to see their work: 

Metamorphys: @metamorphysblb

Cammie Kappel: @cammiebayy

Kyle Kilgore: @kylexkilgore

Cassandra Noir: @hairbycassandra

Kali Weintraub: @hairbykalidelta

Christian Ariel: @christianxariel

Adiel Rivera: @_adi3l_

All photo cred of the space goes to Sonya Stuehrenberg including pictures of Cammie Kappel and Kyle X Kilgore

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